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Long Time, No Blog

Happy New Year everyone! It's been a while...

Apologies for my absence, but I've been busy graduating from college (yay!) and this blog fell to the wayside. But, it's a new year and I wanted to give y'all a sneak preview of what the future holds! This year I will...

  • release the last 3 installments of our "100 Best Novels" list -- please send in suggestions!

  • provide regular updates on what I am reading this year

  • continue to post in-depth reviews of specific books, lists of books, and thoughts on the canon in general

  • and so much more!

My goal is to post each Wednesday, but that day/frequency might change depending on how life unfolds. As always, please feel free to send me messages about your reading habits and your thoughts on the canon.

Wishing everyone a safe, happy, and healthy New Year!

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