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Life (and blog) Update

Hi folks! It's been a while, so here is a quick update on a few of the things that have been keeping me from posting:

  • I was working multiple part-time jobs and doing the whole "adult" daily grind.

  • I got into graduate school and recently moved to Seattle to get a Masters in Library and Information Science at the University of Washington.

  • I finished writing the novel that I've been working on for 5+ years.

Moving across the country has been a HUGE life change and I've spent the last 8 months trying to spend as much time as possible doing what I love with the people that I love. All this being said, I am getting settled into my new life and routine, and as busy as I have been, I've missed posting on this blog. I'm not going to make any public promises about sticking to schedule, since we've all seen how that can turn out, but I will be trying to get into the habit of posting regularly. I've read some excellent books while I've been away and I look forward to giving suggestions and reviews over the next few weeks!

All the best,


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